What would I be without it?

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Bailando - By Enrique Iglesias (x)

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Jennifer Morisson & Colin O’Donoghue on the set of Once Upon a Time, season 4 - July 16, 2014. (by Opustwelve/attackontaetan)

for a sec i thought he was wearing a hoodie and freaked


jen and colin being dorks on set [photos from here]

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Colin O’Donoghue on OUAT set, 07/16/14

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YASSS ELIZABETH MITCHELL ON OUAT! Can she please be elsa tho :( but either way, YASSSS!! 

Bailando - By Enrique Iglesias (x)

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And story books are based on what? Imagination? Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere.

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Doctor? Doctor? Need I remind you you got your PHD from a curse?

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lana being the cutest cutie (◕‿◕✿) 

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Come to me Just in a dream. Come on and rescue me. 
Yes I know, I can be wrong, Maybe I’m too headstrong. Our love is Madness

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 ”I wanted to thank you, Killian for coming back for me in the first place”

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